The Prego Pillow

Finally...Pregnancy Made Comfortable!

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The Benefits to Massage during Pregnancy

Most people don't realize that there are so many benefits to receiving Massage during Pregnancy and The Prego Pillow makes that process so much easier and more comfortable. Some of the most common issues that can be relieved by Massage are backaches, poor circulation, fatigue, shoulder tension, numbness and swelling.


Finally, you can Relax....

Whether your getting a Massage or just getting some much needed relief by resting or napping, The Prego Pillow gives you that comfortable option.


Great for infants!

With The "Mommy" Style pillow you have the option of using the pillow as a lightweight portable Baby Bed or it can be used for Infant Massage. It's also a safe and comfortable way to keep your baby close while you do chores around the house.


A Unique & Simple Design....

Even though we originally designed The Prego Pillow for Pregnancy Massage we quickly found that it also works great for so many other uses. It works Great for Overweight people, Women with larger breasts, many of the Elderly, Sleep Apnea sufferers and anyone sensitive to lying on a flat surface.